Laura Furniss, (bad!) family law attorney (Furniss Family Law Group)

The unicorns and rainbows represent my feelings toward Laura Furniss, attorney for humans and horsies. (sorry for the dead link, I guess her horse law firm had to be put down)

I'm still getting around to writing this up. But feel free to email me ( I can show you the full trial transcripts (the decision is here), where she lost badly in court to a self-represented me. And I had no idea what I was doing. Still it was easy. Laura is just flat out...dumb. (in addition to unethical, combative, and condescending to the extreme) Oh I'd also be happy to share info about the three positive Yelp reviews Laura has (one is a person that has yet to go to trial and is still letting Laura fan the flames, just like my ex did, another is her childhood friend who doesn't bother mentioning that on the review, and another is her employee).

Laura hurt her client, hurt our daughter, and yeah, she put me through undeserved hell. She could have done things so differently ( * ), that would have resulted in something much better for her client. Note that I am also happy to share various other things that will show just how unsmart she is (lots of her sending threatening emails to me, some which are mind-bogglingly non-sensical, and me calling her bluff time and time again. And lots of her taking things down paths in the courtroom that dramatically hurt her client's case for no good reason). It would be funny if it didn't do so much damage. Ok, some of it is funny regardless, for instance this.

Also, feel free to look into why her former partner, Gary Dubrovsky, scrubbed her name from his web site and doesn't even link to her site.

* tip 1 for Laura: look at the evidence I keep sending you, rather than being blindsided by it in court, and
tip 2 for Laura: negotiate, rather than make idle threats, so you don't have a complete amateur mop the floor with you
tip 3 for Laura: don't recommend your ever-so-esteemed buddy as a custody evaluator, given that he's even less competent than you, and will have his evaluation report shot down by the judge

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